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desert view- mountains and Kfar Adumim village
לוגו עין פרת לבן
לוגו עין פרת

About us

Ein Prat - The Academy for Leadership is concerned with the development of leadership theory, language, and a system of values and resilience aimed at the greatest common denominator that unites the entire Jewish-Israeli Zionist public.


At the core of Ein Perat's activities are The pre-military leadership programs and the Beit Midrash, which operating in seven campuses throughout the country and abroad.

Our vision

Constant renewal and improvement at the intellectual, cultural, and behavioral levels in all strata of society and leadership of the state of Israel and the Jewish people, in order to create a life of quality and purpose, an exemplary .

,society, and a reformed country

The driving idea behind Ein Prat is the responsibility for the future of the State of Israel, its social resilience, its values, and the image of its leaders from a multi-generational perspective.

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לוגו עין פרת
לוגו עין פרת לבן
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The Leadership Programs

leadership program
the Judean Desert mountains
תוכניות מנהיגות לצעירים ונוער

 Leadership Programs for Teens 

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Seniors Programs

The Leadership Center

The Gidonim program

תכנית המנהיגות בבקעה- הנני _edited_edited.jpg

 The Leadership Program in the Jordan Valley

Gilgal, Gitit

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a civilian organization for national missions in times of crisis

ריקודים .jpg

Pre- Military Leadership Academies

Kfar Adumim, Nofey Prat

Sufa, Nir Am


Beit Midrash

The high academy, Adults programs, School of education

Management Team

Management Team

Our Partners

החטיבה להתיישבות
קרן אבי חי
קרן אדמונד ספרא
משרד החינוך
משרד ההתיישבות
משרד הביטחון

Cultivating study and activity groups that are committed to the Zionist challenge

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