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Sponsor a Lone Soldier

What is a pre-army program?

A pre-army program (mechina) is an opportunity for high school graduates to grow, learn, and develop leadership skills that will prepare them for the army and for life after the army. Ein Prat mechinot focus on five principles: classic Israel, Judaic, and Western texts, volunteering, connection to the land of Israel, physical strength, and collective living.


What are the benefits?

The mechinot benefit both the people who graduate from them and the army. Our graduates enter the army with a stronger sense of self, an intellectual foundation, and an abiding group ethic. Over thirty-five percent of our graduates gain officers positions in the IDF. Even after the army, our mechinot support our graduates in civilian leadership roles.


Who receives the sponsorship?

North American youth who volunteer for the Israel Defense Force and would like to spend a year developing themselves in order to maximize their contribution are eligible for the sponsorship.


What does the sponsorship include?

The yearlong sponsorship of $20,000 includes courses taught by renowned university professors, training in Judo and self-defense, navigation courses, agriculture seminars, archeological sessions, and room and board.