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Israel is at war.

Hundreds of thousands of troops have been recruited.

Soldiers and reservists are on their way to the front.


One Heart-Ein Prat Leadership Academy is a nationwide civilian response network in times of crisis.  It's a 100% volunteer organization that built an infrastructure to be activated in times of emergency.  


The goal of One Heart is to recruit and deploy 100,000 volunteers in order to maintain Israel's resilience, through the following activities:

Support families in mourning

 Support families of kidnapped and missing relatives

Support families of reservists and full-time soldiers

Support families of the wounded

Set up and manage a situation room for evacuees 
from the south

These essential goals drive the One Heart War Rooms that have been set up across Israel.  We are able to deal with multiple challenges simultaneously. 


Within 48 hours, One Heart gathered and activated an initial 15,000 volunteers spread out across 21 situation rooms.  


Each situation room focuses its volunteers on rapid response to the most urgent needs that arise from its geographic area, including:  babysitting for single parents whose spouse was called up; medical assistance; transportation of equipment from anywhere in the country to the southern front; and immediate psychological support for communities that underwent severe trauma. We now need to show a display of unbreakable strength and unbreakable unity.


One Heart is seeking partners with significant resources to support the recruitment and deployment of 100,000 volunteers.  We established an immediate fundraising goal of $10 million, to properly outfit an additional 25 situation rooms, to offer a response to one of the greatest challenges in Israel's history.  The needs are endless.


One Heart is unique in the depth of reach of its nationwide volunteer network, and its ability to offer responses across the country, to the myriad complex needs of the population.  To that end, One Heart-Ein Prat now needs to scale.

For more details
Shira Katz: +972-50-3007208  |


TGS Transfer Details:

IBAN IL75 0204 5800 0000 0450 750


Givat Shaul Branch (458)

ACC# 450750

NAME OF BENEFICIARY: Derech Prat, the Academy for Leadership


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