A Renewed Community in the Negev


Our vision

The gar'in (Hebrew for the founding group of a future settlement) was born out of the desire to fulfill the Zionist dream in an area troubled by daunting security problems and the pressing need to strengthen the communities and population in the region bordering on Gaza. Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, located in the triangle bordering Sinai and Gaza, was established and abandoned a number of times.  Due to economic and security problems, most of its residents have left and it is in danger of falling apart altogether. We propose to enter this breach now, while still in the military because we want to establish our commitment and direction in life at this earliest period of adulthood.


We are aware of our present limitations as soldiers.  While in active duty we have only weekends to dedicate to the gar'in. Therefore, one of the requirements for joining the group is to move immediately to the kibbutz.  Members will spend almost every weekend and holiday there and will integrate themselves thoroughly into kibbutz life by way of social and cultural initiatives, activities for the children and adults, building and development projects and generally infusing the kibbutz with a youthful spirit of optimism.


Looking towards the future, we hope the gar'in will flourish and move towards its eventual goal of founding an entirely new settlement in the Negev.