Five core elements


The Land

We believe that physical exploration of Israel is a necessity for a strong Zionist identity. Students participate in tours and hikes all over Israel relating to the past and present of the Jewish state. The students are highly involved in planning the routes and use the travel experience to experience the full diversity of Israeli society and history.


Physical Strength

Our students are committed to contributing meaningfully to their service in the IDF. We prepare them to not only fulfill their duties but also to exceed them and set an example for others. Our students prepare both physically and mentally, training their bodies and their minds. Among many other elements of army preparation, our students train for the Jerusalem marathon, spend a week in survival conditions, and participate in a navigation course.


Among hundreds of Ein Prat graduates, over 80% serve as commanders and over 35% of each class become officers, more than triple the national average.


Text Study

Our Mechina program introduces students to a learning for learning's sake, with no tests or grades. Throughout the year, students study core elements of Jewish identity: Israel studies and Zionism. We also delve into Western philosophy: exploring the connection between liberal, humanist, and Jewish values.


Major subjects include: 
Western and Jewish philosophy, Jewish studies: Bible, Talmud, ethics, History of the Jewish people
and the land of Israel


Group Life

The Mechina program includes a meaningful social process, achieved through self-management and sessions on group dynamics. The students live and work in groups, directing life at the mechina both in content and practice through different committees run by the students and guided by the staff.


Volunteer Work

Leadership begins with the will to help others and influence society for a better future.

Part of strengthening the Jewish-Israeli identity in the Mechina derives from integration into Israel society. Therefore, our students take an active part in several volunteer projects throughout the year. Some projects include volunteering at local schools, running a Chanukah camp for Ethiopian immigrants, and planting ecological gardens in Jerusalem